The KUMOVIS R1 3D printer helps medical technologists produce patient-adapted implants and surgical instruments



Why we are here

Devoted to delivering the leading 3D printing ecosystem for medical applications

KUMOVIS develops 3D printing systems for medical applications. Our ecosystem is designed to manufacture a high variety of medical products starting from rapid prototyping up to personalized implants. 


The all in one Solution

Product Features

Introducing: KUMOVIS R1

With the KUMOVIS R1 3D printer, mesh implants can be manufactured additively form high-performance plastics.

The KUMOVIS R1 is a 3D printing system based on Fused Layer Manufacturing for a wide range of thermoplastic materials. We developed it for industrial and medical applications.  

KUMOVIS R1 is a compact 3D printing platform that meets the medical technologist's needs

Broad Range of Materials

Industry applications demand many different materials and the medical industry is limited to certified polymers that are not common yet for most 3D-printers. To overcome these hurdles we developed the KUMOVIS R1 as an open system that offers processing most thermoplastic materials ranging from PLA to PEEK. 

Temperature Management

0 °C
heated Building Chamber

To print advanced polymers it is essential to monitor and control the temperature process. KUMOVIS developed a new temperature management, that increases the quality of parts especially for high performance materials significantly.

User Centered Design

3D-printing needs more then just a good machine technology. When it comes to industrial or medical applications we must consider the complete process, from the material properties to the final part control. To fulfill our customer requirements, we design an infrastructure around our 3D-printer that helps machine users for their daily workflow.

Up next: the integrated clean room

Our vision is to deliver a groundbreaking technology for new medical applications. To enable 3D printing becoming a more central and economically accessible technology we are working on a system that fullfills all requirements for medical production. This includes a clean room environment, process monitoring and modular extensions tailored to the customers need. 

who we are

The Team

Dr.- Ing. Miriam Haerst

Managing Partner
Miriam graduated in Mechanical Engineering at TU Munich. At a hearing aid manufacturer she worked in the field of 3D-printing. During her PhD she worked as a senior scientific asisstant and graduated in the field of silicone extrusion.

Stefan Leonhardt

Managing Partner
Stefan graduated in Medical Technologies at TU Munich. During his PhD at TU Munich he worked on medical polymer development for additive manufacturing and still holds the position as Head of Additive Manufacturing at the Institute of Medical and Polymer Engineering at the TU Munich.

Stefan Fischer

Head of Production
Stefan graduated in Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Munich. During his studies he already gained a lot of experience in additivie manufacturing and material extrusion.

Sebastian Pammer

Head of R&D
Sebastian holds a BSc in Mechatronics from the University in Linz and graduated at TU Munich in Medical Technologies. During his MSc studies he already worked a lot with medical polymers and additive manufacturing.

Alexander Henhammer

Head of Finance
Alexander holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and graduated in Management from TU Munich. During his MSc he worked in several projects for innovation management and entrepreneurship at the Unternehmertum.


3D Printing is revolutionizing medical production.

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